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          Fracturing & Well Stimulation

          Combining more than 60 years of fracturing equipment experience with in-house engineering, software development and quality control expertise, Stewart & Stevenson develops leading edge stimulation equipment that offers maximum reliability.

          We tailor equipment to meet each operating region’s specific environment with advanced control systems to serve as a single control platform for multiple pieces of equipment. Our data vans have controls, data acquisition software and communication technology that makes complete control of field operations possible. Quality control in all phases of equipment design and construction ensures consistent quality that minimizes maintenance requirements.

          Stewart & Stevenson’s fully integrated stimulation systems offer simplified operation and improved job quality while requiring fewer trained operators to perform a fracturing treatment.

          Acidizing Units

          Stewart & Stevenson Acidizing units bring high horsepower pumping, acid transportation, and fluid mixing capabilities to the well site in a single unit package.
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          Chemical Additive Units

          Stewart & Stevenson’s combination chemical additive units provide on-the-fly polymer injection to eliminate post job waste while increasing slurry viscosity.
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          Data & Control Centers

          Data Acquisition and Control Centers provide a centralized command center to control all critical well site equipment while monitoring, recording and supervising the fracturing treatment.
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          Fracturing Blenders

          Our blenders allow operators to mix complex fracturing slurries with varying densities for the most demanding treatments.
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          Fracturing Pumps

          Since building the first pumping units in the 1940s, Stewart & Stevenson has provided the oil and gas industry with the most advanced and reliable fracturing pumps available.
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          Hydration Systems

          Stewart & Stevenson’s hydration units provide on-the-fly polymer hydration to eliminate post job waste while increasing slurry viscosity.
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          Offshore Units

          Skid mounted Fracturing Pumps are available in radiator-cooled configurations for independent operation of seawater-cooled configurations for fully integrated stimulation vessels.
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          Support Equipment

          Stewart & Stevenson provides an extensive array of high quality support equipment designed to complete treatments.
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